Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

This month is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (#MHAM14)

A surprisingly high number of migraineurs (over 50%) still have not been diagnosed by a medical professional. Many also face a stigma as severe as epilepsy for chronic migraine sufferers.

So each year in June we focus on pulling together in an effort to raise awareness, lift the stigma and reduce the burden of this condition.

One of the questions asked was:  “What would you do if your dream of a completely pain- and symptom-free life, came true?”

My first reaction was, why tease myself by wishing for something that may never happen? The best I can hope for a life in balance. But migraines are likely to always be a part of it.

But when I think about it. What would I do if I was completely pain and symptom free?

I’d spend more time with my friends and family.

Go out more.

I’d drink more.

Spend more.

Work more. I’d work a lot more. Because I could. I can’t really get away with working late at night even if I need to.

Basically, I’d do more of everything except sleep 🙂

I’d have less balance. I need a lot of sleep, at least 9 hours a night.


It’s been said that patients who are able to talk about what they would do without their Headache or Migraine, tend to be less depressed and more hopeful. Some patients have lost the ability to dream about their lives without the present taking hold and destroying their ability to dream of something better.

Dare to dream.



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