I created MigrainePal to offer better information, greater transparency and more support for migraine sufferers.

Having experienced migraines for the last 23 years, I often found it an isolating, difficult and expensive journey. There were times when I swung between hope and despair. After years of struggling with migraines I battled against depression and anxiety.  I was isolated, unhappy and struggling.

I spared no expense with my migraines and personally saw:

  • GPs/MDs
  • doctors
  • neurologists
  • migraine specialists
  • physiotherapists
  • an acupuncturist
  • an Ayurveda
  • an osteopath
  • optometrists
  • a behavioural optometrist
  • a nutritionist and others…

Where to start?

How do you know whether you should see a GP, dietitian, or a physiotherapist or an acupuncturist to help with your migraines? Especially if you can’t afford to see everyone who comes recommended.

There is not really anyone that takes a step back with you to say “given your individual situation, history, symptoms and condition… here is the best treatment strategy for you. Regardless of the discipline:

“To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

In my experience this has been the case. Often doctors will keep prescribing drugs. A masseuse will suggest more massage therapy. And so on.

Whilst I firmly believe a strong partnership with a great doctor (or migraine specialist) is necessary to take control over your condition – the key word is partnership. Many healthcare professionals are only experts in their own field and unfortunately migraines are often from several factors which often don’t respect different medical disciplines.

I needed support and help but I didn’t get it.

I learnt the hard way, when my treatments were failing and my migraines were occurring several times a week. These were not attacks were not the kind you could sit through either. These were extremely intense and required a dark room, ice pack and sleep to recover from. I couldn’t function during these attacks.

To improve my condition, I ended up having to do it largely on my own.

It was slow and full of setbacks.

It began as I took more responsibility and ownership for my own health. Instead of looking to more doctors and specialists for how they could help me, I began helping myself.

It started with getting the facts about migraines. Then eventually learning more about my individual condition, personal triggers and how best to manage them.

Whether you have just experienced your first migraine or you’ve had them for years, improving your migraine condition is in your hands.

It was in my 22nd year of migraines that I discovered bluelight (a spectrum of light emitted by many LED devices and fluorescent lights) and my diet were a key migraine triggers. Once I was able to blockout bluelight via precision tinted lenses I was able to significantly reduce my migraine frequency. You can see my orange tinted glasses in the above image.

You are individual. What helps me, may not help for you.

The key to breaking out of your migraine prison is about how well you know your condition.

What things are you doing (knowingly or unknowingly) that could be contributing to your migraines?

How much do you know about your triggers and what sets off your migraines? With migraines, what you don’t know can hurt you. It took over 20 years, thousands of dollars, specialists, and countless migraines for me to uncover my own migraine triggers.

If I’d had a resource that provided more useful information on my individual migraine condition, I could have saved those years, the money and all those migraines.

That’s why I created MigrainePal.

You no longer need to go through your migraine journey alone.

MigrainePal is a place for us to learn, connect and improve our condition, together.

If you receive some small comfort, new insight or improvement then I’ve achieved my goal.

How to read this blog.

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Also have a look at some of the popular articles here.  You’ll see comments from other migraineurs and also information about the latest research, treatments and information on migraine. Two popular articles are:


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We are still young:

MigrainePal is still under construction and we are working to get more great migraine hints, tips, information and resources available for you as soon as possible.

Disclaimer (the legal stuff)

Any information or content from MigrainePal does not constitute medical advice nor it is designed to replace a physician’s independent judgment about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure for a patient. MigrainePal.com does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Use of the site is conditional upon your acceptance of our terms of use.

Imagery by Saad Faruque @ Flickr

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