We Have Moved

Click here to go to the new landing page blog.migrainepal.com Why has MigrainePal’s blog has moved? This is an upgrade to give subscribers a more professional and customised reading experience. Many of you who subscribe to my blog are also WordPress users. I’d like to thank you very much for you support and hope to see […]

Cefaly review: Does this device work?

There has been plenty of PR and news about the new Star Trek looking TENS units from Cefaly. And after much discussion within the MigrainePal community forums about the device I decided to try one and share my journey with everyone as I went along. The goal is to review the device from an honest perspective. To evaluate […]

Clinically proven treatments (part 2)

This is part 2 of a 2 part of series on clinically proven migraine treatments. Part 1 was about acute treatments for migraine and their effectiveness. Click here if you missed it. Preventative (Prophylactic) migraine treatments Part 2 looks at prophylactic or preventative migraine treatments. These are treatments that are used for chronic migraine patients. […]

Clinically proven migraine treatments

Finding trustworthy, unbiased and reliable information on migraines is not easy. I struggle with it myself. It can be especially difficult when considering information about treatments. But it’s become easier thanks to the research summaries by providers like Cochrane. An independent, non-profit, evidence-based research collaboration who review clinical trials in healthcare. Evidence Based Evaluations of […]

How much do you spend on your migraines?

There was one year a few years ago when doing my tax return where I calculated I spent approx $6,500 on doctors, practitioners, therapies and treatments in a single year on migraine (with the receipts to prove it). Migraines are costly. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry for the medical world. And it costs us thousands or more. The […]