Cefaly review: Does this device work?

There has been plenty of PR and news about the new Star Trek looking TENS units from Cefaly. And after much discussion within the MigrainePal community forums about the device I decided to try one and share my journey with everyone as I went along. The goal is to review the device from an honest perspective. To evaluate […]

How much do you spend on your migraines?

There was one year a few years ago when doing my tax return where I calculated I spent approx $6,500 on doctors, practitioners, therapies and treatments in a single year on migraine (with the receipts to prove it). Migraines are costly. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry for the medical world. And it costs us thousands or more. The […]

Top 5 Tools for Migraines (hint: 4 are free)

Thanks to the tools available today, migraineurs are getting smarter. On the upside it really has never been a better time for migraineurs. Things would have been a lot worse for us 100, 50 or even 10 years ago. The medicine was less developed, less was known about the condition and tools we have today were […]

List of the common and not-so-common migraine causes.

Working out the causes of your migraines can be difficult. Lets be honest, its really difficult. Why? Because you can experience different causes or triggers at different times. Furthermore, its usually a combination of them. Having a combination of different triggers at different times means there are many different scenarios when you might be at […]

5 things you can start today to reduce your migraines

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with what things we should and should not be doing to reduce our migraines. How do you to distinguish fact from fiction? I’ve looked at the results from a few independent surveys, where a combined total of over 10,000 migraine sufferers evaluated their treatments. This is not a perfect sample […]

Why your migraines will get worse before you get better

I’m sorry to say the overall outlook is not good for the average sufferer. But there is hope. The life sentence of migraines can be prevented. Migraines can be controlled. I’ll share why the outlook is poor for the majority and how you can avoid a lifetime of uncontrollable migraines. According to the World Health […]

Who I saw, what I tried & how I recovered from chronic migraines

Migraines are debilitating and overtime they can be devastating. You could be sitting down with friends for brunch on a Sunday morning enjoying good company and a migraine strikes.  It hits out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. Now you’re forced to excuse yourself and leave in a rush of embarrassment and frustration. You could […]