Clinically proven treatments (part 2)

This is part 2 of a 2 part of series on clinically proven migraine treatments. Part 1 was about acute treatments for migraine and their effectiveness. Click here if you missed it. Preventative (Prophylactic) migraine treatments Part 2 looks at prophylactic or preventative migraine treatments. These are treatments that are used for chronic migraine patients. […]

Clinically proven migraine treatments

Finding trustworthy, unbiased and reliable information on migraines is not easy. I struggle with it myself. It can be especially difficult when considering information about treatments. But it’s become easier thanks to the research summaries by providers like Cochrane. An independent, non-profit, evidence-based research collaboration who review clinical trials in healthcare. Evidence Based Evaluations of […]

Who I saw, what I tried & how I recovered from chronic migraines

Migraines are debilitating and overtime they can be devastating. You could be sitting down with friends for brunch on a Sunday morning enjoying good company and a migraine strikes.  It hits out of nowhere, for no apparent reason. Now you’re forced to excuse yourself and leave in a rush of embarrassment and frustration. You could […]