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Migraine Links, Tools & resources

Surviving and thriving with migraines is a big effort and you can’t do it alone. Here are some of my favourite tools, resources and links from around the globe.


  • Migraine Diary – I use MigrainePal which I’ve built in collaboration with the Brain Foundation & Headache Australia to help migraineurs better manage their condition.
  • Meditation & Breathing  – MyCalmBeat is a free and simple app that helps you control and regulate your breathing. If your mind races at night – try a couple sessions with this!
  • Sleep tracking – Sleep Cycle for iOS or SleepBot for Android. What gets measured gets improved. I have a strange obsession in tracking my sleep because sleep is so important for migraines. Sleep Cycle makes it easy for me.
  • Diet tracking- MyFitnessPal – is probably the best and certainly the biggest diet tracking app in the world. It’s helpful to keep track of what you’re eating and even look back at potential trigger foods.



  • World Headache Alliance: founded to reduce the burden of headache disorders globally by sharing information amongst headache organisations and improving headache awareness. (
  • World Health Organisation: the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations.  (
  • International Headache Society:  this is a widely recognised body of international professionals working together for the benefit of those suffering from headache disorders (
  • Lifting the Burden: a global campaign against headache. Established for migraine relief that is closely associated with the World Health Organization and the World Health Alliance. (


 UK & Europe


  • Canadian Headache Society & Headache Network Canada: joint website to provide educational services, raise awareness, assist the medical profession and work with government. (
  • Neurological Health Charities Canada (


  • Headache Australia: a non-profit organisation which supports those affected by headache and migraine. Objectives including raising funds, public awareness, education programs, growing the national headache register and promoting research. (


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Photography by DonkeyHotey @ Flickr

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